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Filmmakers & Storytellers 
CASCADE LANTERN WORKS is a full-service production company based in Seattle, Washington, working with clients coast-to-coast and around the World.  We have decades of experience in all aspects of production:  creative development to final delivery.  Cascade Lantern Works is a one-stop production shop.


We are a team of talented producers, directors, cinematographers, editors, designers, animators, and sound designers ready for your project large or small.   


The Emmy-winning staff has produced documentary films, commercials, features, television shows and programming, digital content, corporate videos, and branded content. Cascade Lantern Works has been involved with productions that have appeared on such networks and websites as ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, FOX, ESPN, CNN, Reuters, Discovery, A&E Networks, Showtime and CNET among others around the world.   


Clients have included Microsoft, Boeing, Nike, Nintendo, eBay, Silicon Mechanics, T-Mobile, HTC, Washington Mutual, Root Sports, Novinium, Coca Cola, United States Postal Service, PayPal, Wired Magazine and National Geographic among others.

Key Staff

JOHN SCHOONOVER // senior executive producer

John's Journey: John Schoonover, a seasoned Senior Executive Producer and
Media Production Professional, has been at the forefront of the Corporate
Media production industry. With a stellar 15-year tenure as Senior Executive
Producer at Microsoft Studios, John's expertise spans executive engagement
with technology’s most prominent names, plus creative development, and
media production.

Versatile Leadership at Microsoft Studios
In his role at Microsoft, John showcased his leadership prowess as a Lead
Manager, overseeing intricate aspects of facility and production solutions.
His four-year stint as the Director of the state of the art studio further
solidified his impact on the organization's production innovation and creative

Celebrating the Water Lifestyle at The Water Channel
Venturing into the realm of network television, John's creativity flourished as
the Creative Director at The Water Channel. Here, he played a pivotal role in
curating content that celebrated the essence of the water lifestyle.

Creative Director Extraordinaire at KING TV/KONG TV/NWCN
Prior to his Microsoft journey, John held the position of Creative Director at
KING TV/KONG TV/NWCN, contributing eight years of innovation and
storytelling prowess to the Seattle broadcast landscape.

Trailblazing in Television with KOMO TV and KTZZ
John's journey began in television as a Promotion Producer at KOMO TV,
marking the start of his impactful career. His role as Creative Director at

KTZZ showcased his ability to navigate the evolving landscape of television
production and promotion.

Connecting the Dots in a Storied Career
From pioneering roles at major network affiliates to navigating the corporate
landscape at Microsoft Studios, John Schoonover's career is a tapestry of
creativity, leadership, and a deep understanding of media production

Hybrid Landscape
Currently spearheading productions at Cascade Lantern Works, John brings
his wealth of experience to the forefront, offering executive producing and
media production services in the ever-evolving landscape of hybrid work.
John Schoonover: A name synonymous with innovation, creativity, and an
unwavering passion for bringing stories to life.




JASON BROWN // creative director
Jason Brown is a film director | producer, and he shoots his own camera. He directed and
produced the documentary films; Twilight in Forks – The Saga of the Real Town as well as
Destination Forks. Both released worldwide by Summit Entertainment as part of the
Twilight franchise. Most recently Jason directed the documentary “ReMaking the Legend-Halo 2
Anniversary” for 343 Industries to coincide with the 10th anniversary of Halo 2 and the release of
the game “The Master Chief Collection” on Xbox One. 

Jason’s experience in film, television and music production place him in the top tier of creative
talent in the industry. With four Emmy Awards, as well as multiple Clio, Telly and Addy Awards,
Jason’s work has been seen by millions of people on TV, in theaters, and in corporate settings
around the world.

His credits include work on feature films such as Lover’s Lane and Double Impact, television
shows like A&E’s “Sell this House” and Discovery’s “Super Surgeries”, as well as many projects
for ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Showtime, and the NFL Super Bowl. Jason’s work has also been
viewed by audiences at the Sundance Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, New York
International Film Festival and during the NFL Super Bowl. His corporate productions for
companies like Nintendo, Microsoft, Coke, Nike and National Geographic round out a full
spectrum of career achievement.

TROY THOMAS // executive producer
Troy Thomas is a veteran journalist and documentary film producer and writer. Cybersecurity
and the high-tech industry are of high interest to Troy and lead to years of work for Microsoft’s
Digital Crimes Unit.

Troy worked his way up through every newsroom discipline to eventually launch and lead the
world's first all-digital TV news network. As a team leader and on the ground, he was a pioneer
in creating compelling stories and special content for digital platforms, social media and the
internet. He has chronicled days and weeks of LIVE broadcast TV about some of the world's
biggest stories of the last several decades. From Presidential elections and two major wars to
riots, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, he loves to capture the emotion of people living,
surviving and thriving.

Today Troy’s focus is on documentary filmmaking and his specialty is interviewing one on one to
put his subjects at ease and to get them to be themselves on camera. He travels the world for
clients of all sizes who have stories to tell. His work has been honored with numerous Emmy and
Telly Awards.

Troy’s client credits include ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, Microsoft, Boeing, eBay,
HTC, PayPal, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Waggener Edstrom Worldwide, The US
Postal Service, VoxusPR, Silicon Mechanics, Novinium, Comcast and General Motors.



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